Dear Adriana,

It is with sincere gratitude that I write this letter of recommendation.  For more than a year I have used your service and each time it has exceeded all my expectations and also those people who have accompanied me in our journeys around Santa Barbara.

For a 5 day period in August you provided transportation to me and my family during a major event, the Wedding of my Daughter Kelly.  The service, courtesy and professionalism you demonstrated during this period were absolutely fantastic.  In many cases you went above and beyond what we agreed to and should be expected of you and did so with a great smile and always a pleasant disposition!  In short Adriana, you were absolutely fantastic!!!!

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to recommend your service as a loyal and continued customer.

James R Gibson
Landrex Technologies, Inc

Dear Adriana,

It’s not often that a business provides such exceptional service that I feel compelled to write a letter simply to say, “Thank you”, but since it has happened repeatedly with Preferred, I feel I must.

I want to thank you for all those extremely early morning rides to LAX, greeting me with a friendly smile and a positive attitude. Thank you for playing the Rolling Stones concert DVD on the ride home after a long, exhausting trip. Thank you for the bottles of water, always being on-time, never texting while driving, and just simply for mak-ing what could be one of the worst legs of a trip, far less so.

I look forward to many more years as a loyal customer. Sincerely yours,

Stephen Duneier
Santa Barbara, CA 93108